Hosted Email

Want to be professional?

Want to be free from spam?

Want to avoid data loss ?


You can have them all with Tweak IP Hosted email. And You can work in safe, organized and productive environment.


Hosted email uses cloud technology to provide an efficient email for different types of organisation. Using hosted emails enhances security of your imformation  and your email capacity. With Hosted email you can contact, collaborate and share data in a secured enviroment whenever you want.

Tweak IP Hosted email offers you much more than a normal email. We offer you a complete packet including managed calendar, contacts and task organization all-in one. These features enable you to share and sync all your communications in one place. Besides, Tweak IP has  global redundant servers, a premier in disaster recovery capacities, and security experts to safeguard your data.


Consulting service

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The benefits of Tweak IP hosted email

Big capacity
Big capacity (giga-bytes)for email archives, redundant data.
Email is stored on a mail server which  is reliable and integrated anti-malware and anti-spam software. This provides privacy and protection of your data.
Email address based on your company’s domain name, so that it creates professional and reliable electronic transaction.
Just with an internet connection, you can easily check, send or receive email anywhere, anytime . You can work with laptop, ipad or an smartphone.
Brand awareness
Everytime you send an email from a hosted account. Your domain and your company name appear in front of your customers, prospects and other business candidates. This creates a brand awareness. Your customers and prospects are likely to remeber your website via your domain name when they want to check related products and services.
Inform and Data loss prevention
This ability prevents users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. Moreover archiving emails in our searchable database keeps you informed of what employees are sending and receiving.