Online Desktop

Online Desktop helps your organisation reduce costs and save time, it enables you to connect to your main desktop  from any computer, tablet, or smartphone whenever you want by using Internet connection; you can work and access to all programs and data just like your own desktop. You can install multiple desktops on one cloud server to reduce your management tasks and improve your efficiency.

Having  a powerful datacenter  in  the Netherlands, Tweak IP is confident to provide to our customers the best quality Online Desktop Services. With “Tweak IP Online Desktop” you will have a great experience at work.


Consulting service

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The benefits of Tweak IP online desktop

Ready to work from anywhere, at anytime on any internet connected device.
Budget saving
In the long run, a virtual desktop is always cheaper than a real desktop. You only need to pay monthly fixed fee per user. All other costs disappear: no extra costs for windows license, no expensive investments in new servers, software or computer, no costs for maintenance and monitoring.
Support for online meeting
Always ready for professional meetings. You do not need to worry whether your documents are printed or will you be on time at your office. All you need to do is to log in and you can start your meeting.
Time saving
You do not need to worry about copying files to different drivers; or checking whether you have the right documents. Because, you can get the files you need anytime, any where.
Security and backup
Your computer is better protected than a traditional computer thanks to our always up-to-date firewalls and antivirus software’s. Moreover, your data are stored  and monitored. There, we also permanently make backups of all your programs and files. This way, you never lose a single byte of your information.
Secure data transfer
Transfer files never been so easy like this. Moreover, you are ensured that your transfered files are protected from outside threats.