Private Cloud

A private cloud is a particular model of cloud computing that involves a distinct and secure cloud based environment in which only the specified client can operate. As with other cloud models, private clouds will provide computing power as a service within a virtualised environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. However, under the private cloud model, the cloud (the pool of resource) is only accessible by a single organisation, therefore providing that organisation with greater control and privacy.

Tweak IP provides easily access, and reliable private cloud services. We will make sure that our customers will have the best working environment.


Consulting service

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Features and Benefits of Private Clouds

Higher security and privacy
While public cloud services offer a certain level of security, private clouds are the more secure option. This is achieved using distinct pools of resource with access restricted to connections made from one organisation’s firewall, dedicated leased lines and on-site internal hosting.
Faster speed
With advanced storage, transmission and bandwidth ups to tens of gbs, you can transfer, synchrorize  your files and data faster.
Easy extension
You can easily upgrade Ram, CPU when you need. Hence there is no wasting resources.
More control
As a private cloud is only accessible by a single organisation, that organisation will have the ability to configure and manage it online with their needs to achieve a tailored network solution.