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A backup is a copy of the data stored on a device. It’s useful for restoring data if your device crashes or continuing work if your device is lost or stolen.

When you backup your data, you create a copy of some or all of the files on your device and store them in a separate location (which is usually either on a flash drive, removable hard drive, or in the cloud). Some kinds of backups even store your device configurations. Backup and recovery software can automate the backup process by performing backups based on a set schedule.

To restore data from a backup, you use either recovery software (to restore full backups of a device’s data and configurations) or manually replace files with copies from the backup (usually to restore lost or corrupted files).

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Malware is short for malicious software – software used by hackers to impair your device’s function, steal your device’s data, or even gain control of your device itself.

Typically, malware is downloaded unknowingly when an unsuspecting user opens an infected file or visits an infected website. Once it’s on your computer, it launches a specific kind of attack based on its design. For example, keyloggers record each keystroke and report it to hackers, who look for usernames, passwords, and other sensitive credentials.

We will protect your computer against malware by installing an-tivirus software and running routine scans. If your computer is running slowly or taking unusual actions (such as “reminding” you to download strange software), it may be infected with malware. Run an anti-virus scan to check for, identify, and remove malware from your device

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There are a few basic steps we will take to secure your computer.

  • Install and run anti-virus software on your computer to detect and remove malware
  • Backup your computer’s data to protect yourself
  • Enable your computer’s firewall to block potentially harmful traffic
  • Password – protect your computer to prevent others from logging in and using your system and files
  • Physically secure your computer in a locked office when possible
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