ICT security


The digital society is full of dangers like the mainstream society. But many of the dangers are not clearly visible. Your network infrastructure is the gateway to your ICT resources. Anyone who has control of the gate will have access to your data and applications. So, if you can not control who is allowed through the gate, and who does not, you can also check out who can access your data and who is not. Our ICT security solutions focus on providing a completely customizable model for information security based on a business risk approach to establish, implement, operate, monitor, maintain and improve information security for our clients. Our solutions enable our clients to effectively managed threats and risks-both proactively as well as reactively. With Tweak IP services, businesses need to ensure that their IT infrastructure is both secure and compliant.


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Benefits of ICT security

Minimize risks
Know where your vulnerabilities lie.
Minimize data loss
With backup as a service you minimized data loss and reduce downtime.
Improve productivity and performance
Lower compliance costs