Tweak IP VOIP makes calling via the internet simple

Calling from a country to another one is very expensive with a traditional phone line. VOIP , calling via internet, solves this problem and makes your worldwide phone calls a lot cheaper.

Tweak IP VOIP is one of the best solution for calling via the internet; we have different adaptions, so that there will be always a solution which suites your situation. Whichever adaption you choose, you will be assured for a reliable network and quality services with competitive prices.


Consulting service

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TweakIP VOIP adaptions

Tweak IP provides 2 different VOIP solutions: SIP Trunking and Hosted VoIP. Each type has own features and advantages

  • SIP Trunking : If you want only a secured VoIP network, SIP trunking will be your best choice.
  • Hosted VoIP:  If you want more features such as speed dial, voicemail, VoIP system is the better option
Customized solutions

Tweak IP VOIP is suitable in any situation and for everybody; from individuals, small or medium businesses or a large corporations.


You can choose or change from 1 to unlimited numbers. Moreover, our VOIP can work with all types of connections: ADSI – VDSL – Fiber – Optic Cable and Satelite; we provide what our customers desire.

Combination between ISDN and VoIP
Combination between Incoming calls via ISDN and out coming via VoIP is possible.


Internet connection is the only thing you need to connect to the rest of the world. No more extra telephone cost to different countries.
Easy to use
With a simple installed application in your mobile. You can connect your landline phone number to your mobile and you are reachable anywhere anytime you want.
You are ensured with a reliable network.
HD quality sound
Your call quality is comparable to ISDN connection.
More than a traditional phone
With Tweak IP VOIP you can have all functions of analogue or ISDN line with less calling cost and available anywhere. Moreover, with VoIP, you can set up a conference with a whole team communicating in real time instead of just 2 people like traditional phone line.
Fast and reliable
Our support team are well trained and have friendly attitude. If there is anything not as your wish, our service desk is always ready for you.
More than voice
VoIP also handles media types other than voice: you can transfer images, video and text along with the voice. For instance, you can speak to someone while sending her files or even showing yourself using a web cam.
No geographical boundary
There is no geographical limit. That is, the area code or country code is no longer bound to a specific location. For example, you could live in the Netherlands but subscribe to Vietnamese phone number, which makes it possible that all calls to Vietnam  become domestic calls (cheaper) even though you live in the Netherlands.