xDSL and Fiber Connections

Fiber connection

Fiber optic internet connecting is a phenomenon, the highest speed internet connection. Fiber relies on light instead of electricity to transmit data, which facilitates much faster Internet connections that are capable of handling higher bandwidth. If fast and stable connection is important for your organization, Fiber connection is your best choice.

Advantages of using Fiber

High speed internet connection
At this moment, there is no faster internet than fiber optic internet. The statistics shows us that: the maximal download speed of ADSL is 24MP/s; cable is 200MB/s; fiber optic has surpassed all expectations with 1000MB/s! Contrary to other connections like ADSL and cable connections, that the internet connection speed will be affected by network traffic. With fiber optic connection, your connection speed is unchanged. In other words, you are guaranteed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with extremely fast and stable internet connection. Beside fiber optic connection has the same download and upload speed. We call it a symmetric bandwidth.
High availability in the Netherlands
Fiber optic connection is available throughout the Netherlands. Is it also available in suburban areas? Yes, it is. There are options for fast internet if you live in suburban areas.  The cost for installing fiber optic network depends on the distant between your location and the fiber optic physical infrastructure. The closer your location to physical central station, the lower cost for the installation. If you consider using fiber optic connection for your business from TweakIP, we are glad to provide you an offer with specific costs for this network. There will be no surprising cost after this.
Combination of your business activities
Did you notice that your business relies on internet for more and more ongoing activities? The activities like: pin-transactions, alarm-transmittals, video calls, online printing, online back-up, video conferences, cloud computing, working from home and connecting to different locations. Fiber optic connection will provide you enough bandwidth for all these activities just with one network. You don’t need to have separated networks for different activities anymore. A reliable network with only one central location. Because of one network, one central location, you can find the source of your problems easily.
High reliability
Safety and reliable working online is the essential condition for any organization. Online communication between you and your suppliers, clients, colleagues must be functioned smoothly.  With optic fiber connection, you choose for the best quality network and uptime availability up to 99.9%. you are guaranteed for an optimal uptime availability.
Stable future
With fiber optic connection, your company is well prepared for the future growth. Growing also means more employees, more branches at different locations and working more with different online applications. As such, you want to make sure to have a reliable and strong network for those activities. Fiber Optic connection is the best choice for your organization.


Consulting service

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xDSL (Digital subscriber line)

The term xDSL is the name used for divers DSL solutions such as ADSL and SDSL. This is often the asymmetric connections which the speed of upload and download is not equal, this is often used for broadband internet. The new variant, VDSL, or the newest variant VDSL2 can be used both as asymmetric connection or symmetric connection. This technology has much higher transit speed even the distant between central station and your location enlarged. We provide the following solutions: ADSL   to 20 Mbps SDSL   to 2,3 Mbps VDSL   to 50 Mbps VVDSL to 100 Mbps You can ask for available possibilities at your location.

Advantage of using xDSL

Open Phone Lines
An advantage that DSL has over a dial-up Internet connection is that it will not tie up your phone. This can be an important benefit if you operate a business where you need simultaneous access to the telephone and Internet. Also, DSL is always “on,” so you will not have to worry about getting connected like you do with dial-up. The charge for line access from the phone company is also relatively inexpensive.
No Additional Wiring
A DSL connection makes use of your existing telephone wiring, so you will not have to pay for expensive upgrades to your phone system. Also, DSL uses extra lines from your telephone channels, so you will not need to have another line installed.
An advantage that DSL has over cable is that it offers greater security. In most cases, you will have access to a separate network. Cable networks are often shared by other computer users, so your privacy may be at risk.